Friday, 5 February 2016

Crime Uncovered and The January Sales.

I have just got back from the Enthralling The Crime Museum Uncovered exhibition at the Museum of London. The first time ever items from the Metropolitan police's 'Black Museum' were on display to the public.

All the items have been kept carefully catalogued since the 1870's when the museum was first created  by a serving policeman. (we both suspect the officer in question was really a frustrated Librarian, we instantly recognised a kindred spirit in his meticulous cataloguing!)

The museum has always been used as a tool for training new detectives and it was absolutely fascinating to be lead through the history of crime detection, via the particular cases which lead to, or individual officers who developed, the techniques of detection that are still used today.

And of course from a ghoulish voyeuristic point of view, seeing the hair (still wrapped around it's curler) of one of Dr Crippen's victims, or the gall stones of one of the acid bath victims sends a delicious shiver down the spine.

Having said that I found many items extremely sobering. The death mask cast of a hanged man where you could clearly see the imprint of the rope on the neck or the tools of the trade carefully packed into the executioner's case.
The stockings that had to be cut from a strangling victim's neck where you could clearly see that the heel had carefully darned more than once I found particularly poignant.

All in all a great exhibition.

Now onto more frivolous things!

My January sales shopping. There wasn't loads, but more than I planned when I got sucked into looking at the Collectif website. As a rule I don't shop there, After a few disasters I conclude I'm simply the wrong shape for their clothes, and yet I ended up buying a frock, I haven't tried it on yet, (even though I ordered it at the end of December it only arrived this week!) I loved the look of it and it seems a forgiving shape, we shall see.....
I also couldn't resist a couple of cardigans

 I know I'll get wear out of both of them anyway!

I bought 2 Hell Bunny dresses, I know I'm on safe ground with them.
I have this dress in 4 colourways now and this one was mine for £10.
A new summer holiday frock :)
I bought this frock for £4.99 in Peacocks, perfect for wearing to work.
Finally I bought this anchor print shirt in Sainsbury's when they had one of their 25% off all clothes deals.
 I got a bracelet from Accessorize that was broken and they didn't have any more so I ended up exchanging it for this bag.
and on the subject of bags I found this fabulous little green beauty on Ebay, it made me very happy.
lastly I shall leave you with this t-shirt Himself bought me for Christmas
Who you gonna call?

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Better Late Than Never.

Well I did have a few things lined up to blog about in January but then the home computer decided to die and scuppered my plans.
Cue much cursing and stomping about by Himself as he set about fixing it.

I have to say it was a frustrating and strangely liberating in equal measures. I did feel like I was being forced to go cold turkey without the internets (before you ask, no I don't have it on my phone - I'm old school.)
I missed Facebook in a fashion that was alarming, but boy did I suddenly have a lot of free time in my day!
 It really brought me up short and made me realise just how much time I do waste 'browsing' throughout the day when I'm just knocking round the house. I browse along with my breakfast, and lunch, and the numerous cups of tea I drink in between chores.
Suddenly I had time on my hands. So I took that time to do a few of the little jobs that have been sitting round for well, let's just say quite some time indeed.

First and foremost I FINALLY finished the lampshade for the Elephant Lamp of Wonder (it's only taken me 18 months!). I cannot tell a lie, it was originally a suggestion of my brother and I just ran wild with it.
Now I just need to find a bulb and the right spot in the house for him.

Soo and I also went for our annual January Charity Shop Extravaganza and as ever we found some fabulous bargains as well as having a bloody good laugh.

I managed to acquire a stalker, who like the shop keeper in Mr Benn, would suddenly appear like magic at my side, but unlike the shop keeper would make some quip and elbow me in the ribs as he did it.
He appeared in not one, but four chazzas, and all with his wife in tow. Or perhaps she had started out that day browsing on her own and he had taken a liking to her too!

For myself I bought this leather jacket for a £10 (According to my stalker it suited me.)
 I also bought this fabulous carpet bag for £4
and finally this very loud scarf for a quid.
I also bought a tiny beaded bag and these cute little drawers for my Mum. She has always loved air balloons so it had to be done.

I'm sure you will be delighted to hear I may have already made my first disaster dress purchase of the year. Well start as I mean to go on right?
This heap of glitter is a tunic dress that was reduced to a bargainous £4. I love a bit of sparkle, I also loved the Art Deco style pattern and thought it was a lurex fabric, so I snapped it up.
The reason it is in the crumpled heap above is because as soon as I opened the bag and glitter poured ALL over me and the floor I realised it's not lurex at all.


To quote Ross Noble, one wear and I'll look like I have been out slaughtering pixies. So I'm still deciding what to actually do with it.

Now that January is nearly over I shall start my New Year's Resolutions. I never believe in trying to do anything in January.
So from February I will be watching what I eat, not dieting, but just less and healthier. Well that's the plan anyway.

I'm back at Pilates, and in February I go up into the next class EEEK! The teacher thinks I'm ready, I can't say I do.
There are some seriously fit people in that class, you know like a marathon runner and a mountaineer. Whereas I'm a bit fat, very unfit and bricking it.
They also have all the gear, so now I'm suddenly a bit self conscious about my cheap leggings and quirky t-shirts.

I want to read more. I never seem to have the time, or so I think, and I miss it. I have set myself the modest goal on Goodreads of reading 30 books this year. The is the Christmas gift book pile.
  and the next to the bed pile. .
Those two alone should cover it!

This weekend we down in Margate helping Himself's Dad with clearing and cleaning the house. I did manage to take a couple of hours out to catch up with my dear friend Kay. We went to the local garden centre where we drank tea, ate gorgeous mango and passion fruit cake and browsed the sales.

I found this navy fur jacket at half price and just had to try it on
According to the lady in the franchise it suited me (deja vu anyone?) and I have to say I loved it. I wavered for ooh at least 30 seconds whilst Kay insisted must I buy it, so I did.

Final sale purchase to share with you was another, spotted by chance, impulse buy.
Darth Vader vans for £20. Result.
 I showed them off in the office and got told by our young assistant they were sick, which apparently is a very good thing.

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Are We Nearly There Yet?

And that was Christmas, I’m glad it’s done. I’ll admit I’ve let what I call the German gene creep in and ended up confessing to Himself that as my last 2 Christmases have been pretty crap I’m pretty sure that I’ll never enjoy another one again!
Never fear I’m sure my usual maddeningly cheerful Pollyanna persona will return soon. 
2015 continues to kick me relentlessly, like someone up there is trying to see just how much more I really can take. 
In the short period between Christmas and now this has ranged from getting in from work on Christmas Eve to find the fridge had decided that this was a perfect day to stop working, a bereavement on Boxing Day, a desperate relative in need, and to add insult to injury, being the only person with no gift in their cracker at Boxing Day lunch. I’m telling you, that empty cracker just might have been the straw to break the camel’s back. 
You may remember me ranting of old about the desperate battles we have getting anything in this house sorted by our landlady who has made being a tightwad into an art form. This time we just ordered a new fridge. No way was I spending the whole holiday without one. She can either pay us back or strike it off the inventory. Frankly I’d probably still be waiting this time next year without one if we left it to her to sort out!
According to the text from AO it was due to be delivered today by Mohammed (which tickled Himself) who as it goes was lovely, but did manhandle said fridge in an alarming fashion, it is now ‘resting’ for 12 hours before we can switch it on.
 I’m actually a bit scared to touch that switch if truth be told! After all there are still 3 days of 2015 left......
Saying that New Year is nearly upon us and for the first time in 18 years Himself and I will be spending it apart, each of us with a parent who needs us more instead. That’s going to be strange if I’m honest.
So yes, New Year, a time to reflect on many things including did I keep any of my resolutions from last year?
I certainly didn’t lose any weight (Dammit) and I certainly didn’t go to America (Bah) but I did lavish lots of love on my garden, I did read more, and I did accept just about any invitation that came my way, some definitely better than others!
I also surprised myself by not only sticking with the Pilates, but finding that I absolutely love it! I’m already signed up for January and champing at the bit for it to start again.
I’m also proud of a lot of the things I achieved this year and also of the things I coped with this year. If you would have told me 12 months ago that with just a day’s notice I would stand up and give a presentation to nearly 100 people I would have laughed you out of the room, I’m not saying for one moment I enjoyed it, but fuck me, I actually did it! Yup that one still shocks me a bit.
Of course this is about the time I would be doing a ‘frocking round up of 2015’.
Despite all that has been thrown at me this year I have managed to buy my fair share of frocks, and well, it just wouldn’t be me if there wasn't at least one complete disaster, if not more (usually from Ebay) for every month of the year.
Unlike previous years I haven’t chronicled them all so I can’t do my usual round up with pictures, but trust me they exist, and oh boy do they exist!
Like the 1980’s does 1940’s number that looked SO cute on Ebay and even on the hanger when it arrived but which I don’t actually have words fit to describe just how hideous it looked when I put it on. 
Or the Nautical wiggle dress from Hell Bunny, which was actually more 'what the hell were you thinking woman' than 'Hello Sailor!'
There were more, many, oh so many more. 
If I’m honest I have had far, far too many disgraceful aberrations in taste this year when it came to buying dresses. You can take my word for it that it was a disastrous year on the frock front.
There were a couple of unexpected absolute clothing gems in all the chaos. Like the tartan skirt for £2 from Bournemouth that I only bought because it was tartan and £2, that to my surprise actually looked lovely on. Or the cute floral tea dress that I bought on a whim from a charity shop because it was just so pretty, even though I knew it would never fit. That as it goes actually bloody did! Sadly though they were few and far between.
It was however a very, very good year for my handbag collection though, at least my taste and judgement didn’t abandon me there!
I have just one or two new editions that I haven’t shared yet indeed I bought a narrow deep shelved unit only last month to display my new beauties in and upon. 
So on that note I'll leave you with my new handbags.

A couple of rainy day Ebay bargains.
This lovely little raffia bag arrived just in time to complete my outfit for Dan and Melissa's wedding.

These two were a job lot on Ebay. The top bag is in the middle of restoration. It was filthy dirty and has a broken zip. I've cleaned the outside, now I just need to clean it inside and see if I can do anything with the zip, otherwise I might just take it out all together.

I love the matching cigarette case with the cream bag. It's in a heck of a battered state so has clearly had quite a life, I wonder what stories it could tell!

Finally just to show it's not all vintage bags with me. I couldn't resist this little beauty from Accessorize.


Friday, 11 December 2015

Life's Rich Pattern

As anyone who reads my blog knows one way and another 2015 has been a tough year. I had hoped the year would just come quietly to an end, but instead it had a nasty sting in it’s tail.
Sadly Himself’s Mother died 3 weeks ago. Whilst she hadn’t exactly been in the pink of health this year, it was certainly not enough to even contemplate this, it was a completely unexpected shock.
So the last weeks have been busy with all the sad and difficult tasks you would expect. Made all the more challenging by the fact we are here in Oxford, Himself’s sister is in Torquay, his parents in Kent and not a car between us.
We are now back home, weary and sad, and in my case reflective. 
To pinch a phrase from the Queen I can safely say 2015 has been an Annus Horribilis for me. Being a glass half full type of person I’m optimistic that the worst has passed, but also I am realistic enough to know there is more to be done, more to be dealt with and always my family to support.
It’s there my biggest challenge lies. To put it simplistically my place in my family has always been ‘Little Miss Sunshine’. My role is to always be the sunny, positive and encouraging one. On the whole that’s not difficult, by nature it’s the kind of person I am. 
It is hard at times like this though, when I feel beaten down and all I want to do is crawl into my bed and sleep, or sit bawl my eyes out. Sometimes the supporters need some support.
But life goes on. 
I’m not exactly feeling festive, and as someone who usually flings herself headfirst into Christmas, it feels horribly forced this year.
We are visiting Dad with Mum, then going home with her for as long as she wants the company, she’s finding it hard to be on her own. 
We are also poised to flit down to Kent if needs be between Christmas and New Year.
So with all that it’s good to have some fun things to look forward too. We have a wedding to go to tomorrow which I’m really looking forward to being part of. I finally have my outfit picked out (as it’s a winter wedding it’s full on tartan for me!)
The Snoopy and Charlie Brown Movie is of course a must. 

It’s also the HUGE day in Himself’s life - Star Wars
We have tickets for the midnight showing in our local cinema and are guests at a special screening in London followed by a party courtesy of Cineworld. I’m not sure exactly how many times he will have seen the film between the 2 events but it could well be double figures…….    

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Bags of Sparkle.

Well here I sit waiting patiently for Kev the plumber to return with a new diaphragm for the toilet. Yes dear readers the toilet has broken AGAIN, but thankfully this time it hasn't flooded the kitchen so I'm very grateful for that at least!

Anyway it seems a perfect opportunity to write a blog post and try not to think about needing to pee.....

So what have I been up too? I've been out for dinner some more (and I wonder why I'm not losing any weight!) to catch up with some friends and also for our anniversary. As he is not a fan of eating out as a rule, I swear an anniversary meal is Himself's excuse to be out on Halloween night meaning he gets to scoff all the sweets that don't get handed out. Of course I jest, and we did have a lovely meal in a little family run Italian restaurant in Oxford. We also managed to buy each other the exact same card which made us laugh, we truly are turning into Howard and Hilda!

I've had a fab day out shopping with Melissa and Soo, the last time we will see Melissa before her wedding in just a month's time. We met in Witney and as I've blogged about there before I will just mention the place we went for lunch. A tiny cafe come restaurant called Church Green Kitchen
I had the brisket (apologies to the vegetarians among you) and it was just sublime. Melissa and Soo both had the bubble and squeak and also gave it a firm thumbs up. I highly recommend eating there if you ever happen to be in Witney.

This Sunday was also my Dad's 80th birthday. We had a small party at his care home with this amazing Harry Potter cake.
Dad's a big fan of both Harry Potter and owls so it was perfect for him. It seemed a shame to cut it, but cut it we did, and it was delicious. Thankfully vanilla sponge rather than owl flavoured.

When the weather is miserable,as it has been this last week, I tend to sit at my desk during my lunch break instead of going out. This means I inevitably I browse Ebay. Mostly I look at bags and last week has been no different. I snagged a couple of beauties and sort of forgot they were both silver until they arrived. Clearly I was having a spangly moment that day!
The one on the left is crocheted lurex and has a nasty stain that I need to investigate a bit before I have a go at removing it.
I suspect it may be rust which may well be impossible to remove, and if so never mind, the other side is perfect so I will just use it that way instead.

I finally finished fixing the other little Ebay bargain bag form a few weeks ago.
As you can see it cleaned up really well to an unusual dove grey and the handle glued back together nicely.

I also bought myself this brooch. I spotted one in a shop in Greenwich but as the price was horrifying so there I left it, instead I hunted one down on Ebay.
Finding bargains, that's one of the things I do love the internet for!

Finally my Mum brought over this fab red leather satchel. It was left over from an Age U.K sale she helped at. I honestly can't understand why, I think it's great.


Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Green is the Colour.

So another week or more has passed by in a flurry of pasta and wine, films and purchases. 

I have eaten out 3 times, all of which involved garlic bread and I’m out again tonight to Ask Italian. Now I’m no Mystic Meg, but I predict garlic bread in my immediate future too. My excuse, (should I need one) is Himself is battling a cold and the garlic helps me fight his germs.

As some of you may know last week Wednesday was ‘Back to the Future Day’ and Himself and I met in town to do a double bill at Odeon of parts one and two. (Himself was not a happy bunny that his beloved Cineworld were not partaking in the event!) I have to say much as I do love the first film, I’m not a huge fan of Back to the Future 2, but I did thoroughly enjoy wallowing in nostalgia and seeing both films back on the big screen.
We also went to see Spectre on Monday. I enjoyed it, as a bog standard Bond film it did exactly what it says on the tin. It was nowhere near in the league of Skyfall but I did enjoy it, though there were a few things I found irritating, mostly the woman sat next to us who did yap through a lot of the film.

I managed to spectacularly cock up at the weekend and double booked myself which meant I couldn’t drop by and see Vix and Jon when they were in Oxford for a vintage fair, what a muppet!

Instead I felt I had to honour my other agreement to help my Ma out at a charity sale. Talking of which she was in the local paper last week for her latest charity sewing endeavour (sock cats) made to raise money for a new mini bus for Dad’s care home.
The reporter rang her out of the blue at home and ‘interviewed’ her over the phone so she was in a complete panic that she had said something daft bless her. They also visited the care home to take some pictures.

As it goes it was a pretty standard ‘local paper’ story ending with a pithy and oh so typical quote from my Dad, I could hear his voice as I read it and roared with laughter. A few other people who know him also said they could just hear him say it. Best of all it raised £300 in donations just from the story appearing, so well done Mum.

I’ve done yet more clothes purchasing of late and when I brought it all together last night for a hasty picture I realised it was 99% green. 
Now I admit green is one of my favourite colours, and one I wear a lot but it’s unusual for me to buy in just one colour on this kind of scale! 
Lumped together in this photo are a cardigan, a shirt, a tunic, a dress, a glittery jumper and a black sequin cat.

I also added 2 more Hell Bunny dresses to my now very large collection, both bargains off Ebay. 

There is a story to the spotty one, I had an email to say it had been dispatched. Over a week passed and it didn’t arrive so I emailed the seller to ask for details. She provided the tracking number which showed according to the Post Office website at least that a delivery had been attempted and as no one was home they had 'left a card'.

Well obviously, and sadly not for the first time, they hadn’t left a card.

I complained and got a generic grovelling email back saying they would ‘pass my concerns on to the manager of my local sorting office so that any future deliveries would be managed smoothly’

Not much help to me and my undelivered parcel as you can’t collect a parcel or arrange a re-delivery at our sorting office without the number from your card.
I printed a screen shot of the tracking details and took that. When I got there, before I could even explain the woman behind the counter went “What am I meant to do with that?” her customer service skills did not improve from there.
At one point she actually asked me, and I quote,
 “Are you quite sure you don’t have a doggy who might have eaten the card” with admirable restraint I just said “Thank you yes, I am quite sure we have never owned a dog”!

I did eventually get my parcel.  

I also finally got around to sorting out this velvet pinstripe jacket that I bought for a £1 in a charity shop a while ago. I have always loved a velvet jacket, and indeed had a black pinstripe one I wore so much it's pile wore away and it went bald!   
Well this one had weird patchwork floral elbow pads and hideous buttons. I unpicked the elbow patches, which was a pain in the arse if I'm honest, and replaced the buttons with three random vintage ones I had in my button tin.
I'm very happy with the end result.

Finally as you can see I have added another pair of brogues to the collection, to be fair I actually sold a pair that I only wore once because they wrecked my feet, so really my collection hasn’t actually increased at all.  

Friday, 16 October 2015

Films, More Films and a Play.

So what else have I been doing apart from shopping? Well I’ve been to the cinema just a little too. 

I’ve mentioned here before that Himself writes a film blog, which is kind of his excuse to pretty much live at the cinema. Luckily for us our local is not only 10 minute walk from our house, but also a Cineworld. 
Cineworld have a scheme where you pay about £17 a month for an ‘unlimited’ card which does exactly what it says on the tin, lets you into the cinema as many times as you want within that month.  This basically means I am effectively a Cineworld widow, whenever a new release is out he’s there, doesn’t matter what it is or how good it is, he’s there.
 I, on the other hand, am more selective with my cinematic viewing and only go to see things I think I will enjoy.
Which this month have included Macbeth starring Michael Fassbender (*swoon* even despite the beard)

I thoroughly enjoyed the film and not just because Mr. Fassbender was standing bare chested in a lake at one point.
 Weirdly thought I never studied Macbeth at school or anything, I found myself able to quote chunks of the text (in my head and not out loud of course) which did surprise me, I wasn’t aware I had taken it in on reading or watching the play in the past. 
Anyway the cinematography was stunning and it was superbly acted, though Himself found it highly amusing that none of the lead actors were Scottish and neither was it filmed in Scotland!

I also insisted on seeing Suffragette as soon as it came out which meant the novelty of going to the cinema on a Monday night. 

Again I thoroughly enjoyed the film and would definitely recommend it. 
As a subject I have read quite a bit about, I felt it was handled brilliantly, thankfully it wasn’t made as  a self-congratulatory nostalgia piece where we all live happily ever after, but rather raised the moral issue of the more controversial way the suffrage movement went about it’s campaigning, alongside the ferocious treatment meted out by the authorities trying to crush the rebellion as they saw it. 

As the final credits rolled you were presented with a timeline of women’s rights and it was interesting to hear a couple of audible gasps from the audience at just how recent some of those dates were.

A couple of weeks ago we also had an all expenses paid trip to Milton Keynes thanks to Cineworld.
Himself has been working with them for the last few months on a ‘Superfans’  campaign and I got to tag along as his ‘plus one’ 
We had to be in Milton Keynes for 11am for a special screening which we wouldn’t find out what it was until we arrived. It meant getting up like it was a usual work day on a Saturday (boo) as we had to go in and out of London due to engineering work on the trains.

The event was to experience ‘4DX’ which is being advertised as the ‘Future of film’ The marketing blurb says;

"4DX is a motion picture technology owned and developed by South Korean company CJ 4DPLEX, a part of the CJ Group. 4DX allows a motion picture presentation to be augmented with environmental effects such as seat motion, wind, rain, fog, lights, and scents along with the standard video and audio"

I have to say I wasn’t sold but more of that later!

We arrived and were presented with the best bit of the day, a wristband that gave us free access to all the sweet and drink concessions! 

I don’t usually eat at the cinema because it is so expensive and I’m a tightwad, but in this instance I did, I mean it would have been rude not too. 
I had a delightfully huge tub of Baskin' Robins ice cream and some posh salted caramel popcorn.
As it goes this was a good job too, because the lunch that was provided was a buffet style greasefest at Frankie and Benny’s and not my cup of tea at all. So other than a small slice of pizza I didn’t bother with it.
We were told that the 4DX film we were viewing and reviewing was the second maze runner film The Scorch Trials. 

Luckily they screened the first film in 2D before lunch so those of us who hadn’t seen it would have a bit of a clue what was going on. 
I have to say I did enjoy both films, and liked the second film better despite the best efforts of 4DX.

After lunch we were given a behind the scenes tour of the cinema and the 4DX equipment which was absolutely fascinating. Cinemas are HUGH behind the scenes! Who knew?

From there we were given a few minutes to stock up on more snacks before being escorted into the film………….and so to the whole 4DX experience.

The future of cinema? Er, that would be a resounding NO from me, and I suspect from most other people. A one off, or occasional experience yes, the price ticket of £15 per head would limit the number of times most people choose it if nothing else.
If you have ever been on some of the rides at Disney or Universal Studios then the effects used in 4DX will be very familiar to you.

The bits that I thought worked were the seat motion, this was very effective and as the characters on screen were bumping across the desert in the back of a truck so were we. I loved that. 
The other thing I liked was the wind effect , on screen a helicopter flew in and landed and at the same time our hair was being blown about,again very effective.

The less successful ones were the ‘fog’ which turned out to be two dry ice machines, one each side of the bottom of the screen. The main issue was whenever they were deployed, they issued the fog/dry ice with an intrusively loud HISS-SSSSS, which not only blocked out the dialogue but instantly attracted your attention to them and not the action on the screen. 
The other effect that didn’t gel and was the major bugbear of Himself (in fact he called it unpardonable!) was the lighting.
Every time there was lightning, or a floodlight in the film the auditorium lights went up. Not only did this white out the screen so you couldn’t see the film properly, it instantly plunged you back into reality and reminded you that you were actually sitting in a cinema full of other people with a huge cineworld logo on the wall!  

The smells were hard to notice and the manager did explain on our backstage tour that a lot of people say they just can’t smell them at all. I did get a whiff of a couple but not really enough to make it noticeable. We didn’t get to experience the water with this film and this is the one effect you can switch off at the seat if you want too apparently.

The final effect was my major bugbear. A thing that actually made me swear when asked about it after the film with a vehemence that would have had any sailors present blushing. What was it you may ask? the air jets. 

It was just so damn annoying, it nearly ruined my enjoyment of the film. 

The chairs are fitted with air jets on the headrests and behind the legs. The idea being that apparently you get to experience the action when there is gunfire on the screen as they are supposedly meant to feel like bullets zipping past your head.
Firstly, like the dry ice machines they also go off with a loud HISS, so as Himself pointed out it makes it seem like everyone is fighting with Nerf guns rather than dangerous weapons. 
Secondly, and to be fair this may be to do with the fact that I am tall and therefore the jets were hitting me in the wrong place? 
They were puffing fierce jets of air on my neck rather than past my head which was really, really, REALLY,  IRRITATING!!!!
I ended up spending most of the film leaning as far forward as I could whilst hunched over to try and avoid the sensation, I heartily wish that was one effect I could have turned off!

Other than that it was a great day out, well apart from the fact we found out we were going to be filmed all day and as everyone else said that was fine I felt I couldn't really say no thanks. 
Thus I did spend the whole time clamming up and backing determinedly out of view every time the camera came near me, I'd almost like to see the final result as with hindsight I'm imagining it looked quite funny.
I did join in the group picture at the end of the day though.

Finally the theatre. 

Which was actually the theatre at the cinema as it goes, because it was one of those National Theatre Live screenings. 
We have had the tickets since May because as soon as I heard about it I wanted to go. 

David Suchet in The Importance of Being Ernest in drag as Lady Bracknell. What's not to like?

I have to say it was a little stilted at first and I wonder if this was due to the actors being aware they were being live filmed. Thankfully it soon found it’s pace and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. Himself has never seen it before and was blown away by the fact that the play was written in 1895, it seems so very modern in it’s vicious wit and sarcasm.  

So there you go it's not all spend, spend, spend.